Malayalam Actor Vijay Babu Alleged with Rape Charges Who is The Actress Filled The Complain Check Name?


Vijay Babu is one of the well-known actors and producers in the Malayalam Film Industry. Vijay babu recently alleged charges of consuming d*ugs and assaulting another Mollywood actress. The name of the actress is being reviewed so far.

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The actor is accused of the charges in Kerala’s Ernakulam The police authority also began out finding the actor outside Kerala.

If we talk in short the actor and producer named Vijay Babu alleged some critical charges including se*ual assault, crook intimidation, and wilfully inflicting harm under sections 376, 506, and 323 as per the Indian Penal Code(IPC).

The whole case is under the direct supervision of Ernakumar’s police commissioner.

when the actress found out the complete incident through a Facebook page with the title Women Against Se*ual Harassment. As per one of her statements “I am an actress in the Malayalam film industry for the past few years.”The actress narrated the whole incident in the brief by the actress.

The law enforcement has affirmed that they will soon come to a end on the case.

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