Marriage of Fred Couples – how many times Fred Couple Married


Fred couples marriage is trending on the social media. People are excited to know about is third wife of Fred Couples. There were circulating many rumaur about Fred Couple so here is reality about rumors. In this blog we are going to explain you who is third wife of Fred Couples

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Who was Fred Couples

Frederick Steven Couples was born in October 3, 1959. He is an American professional golfer. He is famous with name of Fred Couples. He is world No 1 famous Golfer and he has won 64 tournaments. The noticeable master tournament in 1992 and championship in 1984 and 1996

Marriage status

Fred firstly married with Deborah Couples in 1981 and he spent 11 year with Deborah Couples. She was died in 1993 and the reason is of her death is suicide and reason of suicide is not known.

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He was secondly married with famous model her was Thais Baker in 1998 and spent only 11 year with him and awfully in 2009 she was died due to cancer.

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Now Fred Couples is married whose name is Suzanne Hannemann she is mid age lady and Fred couple 62 year aged. They married at 22 February 2022. Before their marriage many dating rumours are revolved.

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It iis seemed that Fred Couples is comes from stadium on wedding venue however his lady is wearing white gown. They are still on their honeymoon. His wife bio is not on social media yet She kept hide her personal life from social media.

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