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Matheus sampaio video and photos went Trending On Social Media like Twitter and Reddit. Matheus sampaio video Trending on webpage . In this article we are going to inform you that who is Matheus sampaio? And why they are trending on social media.

Matheus sampaio
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Matheus sampaio video

This week, some intimate images were on the web and were attributed to the influencer. With the repercussion among netizens, his team spoke about the case.

In the record filmed in front of a mirror, the young man appears completely , in addition to showing his face and tattoos, which are similar to Matheus’s.

In addition, the screen was recorded from Instagram and, according to fans, the username that appears is the same one he used before he became famous in “ Playing with Fire ”

, reality from Netflix Brenda Paixão ‘s boyfriend’s lawyer , Lidiane Teles, left a comment on one of the pages that shared the video,

denying that she would be her client in the images. “This video is a montage. We are already adopting the appropriate legal measures against the page” ,

she said. A profile retorted her: “ Video is anything but montage ”. The professional, in turn, reinforced: “ It’s not Matheus

.Whether Matheus or not, on social media, netizens liked – and a lot – the images. “Brenda is very well served, said a profile. “Shocked by Matheus Sampaio’s .

A great yummy” , commented another. “Now I understand why Pet (Brenda) wanted a room so badly” , pointed out another.

“After Matheus Sampaio’s trending, I understood why Brenda is full of energy fighting at Power Couple” said an internet user Matheus and Brenda met in “ Playing with Fire ”,

a Netflix production . In the streaming attraction , which prohibits physical contact, the couple was fined R$200,000

The two also became embroiled in a controversy last November after videos of them fighting outside a club went viral .

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