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We are always here with you to aware about the latest trending news that happened all over the world.Today i am sharing with you a tragic accident story associated with Melbourne roller coaster.For a complete story details read the article fully.

26 year old Shylah Rodden is fighting for her life after being hit by the Rebel Coaster on Sunday at the Melbourne Royal Show.

Shylah was struck by the ride, which could travel at speeds of up to 70 km/h, in a horrific video that was posted on TikTok. She was pulled nine metres into the air before she hit the earth.

Shylah was already suffered in a car accident in January 2021, which happened before the terrifying coaster disaster.

The Shylah Rodden roller coaster accident has received a lot of views on YouTube and other social media sites.Many people is praying for her soon recovery.

Shylah Rodden is still being treated for a serious condition at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

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