Melbourne weather: Clip shows everything wrong with Melbourne weather


Melbourne video and photos went Trending On Social Media like Twitter and Reddit. Melbourne video Trending on webpage . In this article we are going to inform you that who is Melbourne? And why this is trending on social media.

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In just five seconds, a Reddit user has captured the complaint almost every Melbourne resident has had about the weather.

Sharing a five second video taken from a skyscraper building, the camera pans from a gloomy grey sky on one side of a tall skyscraper block, to bright and sunny on the other side.

He captioned the video: “Melbourne be like”.Sky News meteorologist, Rob Sharpe said the drastic change from sunny skies to grey clouds was “pretty classic for southern Australia”.

“It’s just a dramatic example with the building on the boundary between the wet and cloudy weather and the dry weather coming in behind,” he told .

“Showers come and go across southern Australia and produce low level cloud and rain, but straight in behind you can have dry air where there are very few clouds.

”The capital city of Victoria experienced similar weather patterns on Tuesday too.

This morning was dramatic because we had a low pressure trough move through with fairly consistent wet weather in Melbourne for a few hours,” explained Mr Sharpe.

“Then around 8am it suddenly cleared up. Since then more showers have come through.

On showery days in Melbourne most people know that it’s worth carrying both an umbrella and sunglasses for the occasional downpour between sunny spells.

”On Tuesday, the Bureau of Meteorology predicted that the chilly days and nights would likely continue this week, as cold air continues to move from the Southern Ocean and across the country.

Currently experiencing a cold snap that’s hitting Australia’s southeast, Melbourne is reporting highs of 11C to 13C and lows of 7C to 8C from now to next Monday.

There will also be a very high chance of showers from Tuesday to Sunday, with a high chance of showers on Monday, the Bureau of Meteorology reports.

Responding to the post, people agreed that the five-second clip was typical of Melbourne weather.

“Can confirm during a test I had today – went in sunny, started bucketing down, left overcast all in an hour,” one commented.

“That sums up the state of Victoria,” commented one user.“If you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, wait five minutes,” shared another.“Auckland NZ is very similar.

Four seasons in one day, just be ready for all weather conditions at all times,” another wrote.

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