Menghilangkan filter tiktok – Menghilangkan fitur rotoscope tiktok


In these days, Social media app TikTok is famous in these days Tiktok is a social media application containing short videos. In the Tiktok application, users can be viewers or content creators who make short videos.The tiktok rotoscope filter is indeed going famous, but some users don’t know how to remove the Tiktok rotoscope filter after using it.

Menghilangkan filter tiktok - Menghilangkan fitur rotoscope tiktok
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Basically, Rotoscope itself is an animation technique by tracing.The filter presents another technique called tracing the movement of the actor or actor in the video.Making an animation using a technique called a Rotoscope like this can generally take a long time.

Recently, TikTok introduced this filter directly. Anyone can make it so easily through the filter feature embedded in the Tiktok application.How to get a Rotoscope filter on Tiktok? The method itself is very easy, first of all, please open the Tiktok application. After that press the Create button, then select the effect then open the menu that says Trending.Next select the available Rotoscope filters.Finally, nod your head to turn your movement into a Rotoscope filter.

How To Get Rid Of The TikTok Rotoscope Filter. First of all, please open the Tiktok application available on your phone. After that press the button that says Create and then continue by selecting Effects. Here, you can then press the round icon with a sideways view of the line. It’s either directly above the Rotoscope filter or next to the search icon. Done, now you have successfully removed the Rotoscope filter on Tiktok social media. So when you nod your head, the Rotoscope filter will no longer be active. After doing the above method, you can already use the camera on Tiktok social media as before.

But in this way you can’t remove Rotoscope filter on Tiktok because you used this method for get rid of other filter. So still don’t find any kind of method to remove this filter. We are trying to remove Rotoscope filter on Tiktok for know method stay with us

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