Michael mendieta jumping girl – Michael mendieta jumping girl video


Hi guys, In this Era it is very to gone something viral the tool that is used in this is social media. In these days young generation want to be popular for this purpose they use different apps of social media like TikTok, Twitter etc… Some people do stupid activities and that activities are gone viral. Today a very young boy whose name is Michael mendieta and Michael mendieta jumping on girl video is scattered on social media In this article we are going to explain who is Michael Mendieta and Michael mendieta jumping on girl video.

Michael mendieta jumping girl video
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Who is Michael Mendieta

Michael mendieta is famous TikTok star. He was born 13 September 2002 in California. He is amazing content creator at his TikTok account 330,000 followers and 6 million likes his TikTok ID is michaelmendieta. As he is not a famous personality so his personal details like his parents, his high school and other statistics are yet not available on internet.

Michael mendieta relationship

Michael mendieta post many videos with an unknown girlon TikTok. many of his fans says that she is his girlfriend but he didn’t post status bout his relationship.

Michael mendieta jumping girl video
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Michael mendieta jumping girl video

In these days a video is spread on social media of a boy Michael mendieta is punching to a girl on road and girl is crying for help and anyone didn’t help Michael mendieta is attacked girl and he is beating her cruelly. In the video Michael mendieta friends also also standing on road and see all this sence but they didn’t help her people are investigating all the video and question arise that why this fight happened and why Michael’s friends didn’t stop the fight. Girl has major injuries and she is hospitalized.

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