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Miles Bridges' Wife
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Who is Miles Bridges’ Wife

NBA star Miles Bridges who was arrested on Wednesday shared a series of photos of injuries he received at the hands of an “man”.

He also sent a video of the boy “Daddy strangled his mother” to an unknown woman who appeared on camera.

Some news outlets have described the child as his son. Newsweek could not confirm this on its own. Johnson, who has two young children and striker Charlotte Hornets Bridg.

He did not mention his partner in the long captions that accompany his pictures. Johnson concludes his Instagram post with: “mine deserves the best.

Most importantly I am scared and sad about my children who were witnesses to everything Bridges, 24,

was in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday and booked a letter authorizing , according to Bridges.

Miles Bridges’ Wife arrested

Newsweek reached out to both Johnson and Bridges’ representatives,

who have not yet commented on his arrest or allegations against the mother of his children. Newsweek also contacted together.

Bridges was a top scorer for the Hornets last season and came just before he was released limits.

The Hornets issued a statement saying: “The Charlotte Hornets are aware of the situation affecting Miles Bridges.

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