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Mokocontrol video and photos went Trending On Social Media like Twitter and Reddit.Mokocontrol video Trending on webpage . In this article we are going to inform you that who is Mokocontrol? And why he is trending on social media.

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Who is Mokocontrol?

A spokeswoman for Twitter named Trenton Kennedy claimed Vijaya was emotional when she was conveying the convention and speaking about new insurance policies of the corporate and he or she additionally praised her group for his or her contribution.

Even she additionally broke into tears throughout the assembly as she careworn how Twitter may change.

Furthermore, Vijaya additionally acknowledged that loads of uncertainty is there about which firm will appear like beneath Elon Musk. Hold studying this text for extra info.

As per the recent report and news is coming up where It is seen that this coming Monday was a very grateful and exciting day on Twitter so lately the billionaire who is Ellen mask introduced to a new social media platform and it is Twitter’s top layer which is Vijaya Gadde and it is being said that it is a meeting which is Virtually opening to the policies and overall the team will tell the whole thing and still they are discussing the ownership.

Stay tuned with us for more recent updates and follow us for more. As per the information we have received that he cried in between the meeting because she was worried.

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