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Nadeshot gives up Twitch partnership.

100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has announced that he voluntarily gave up his Twitch partnership in order to co-stream Call of Duty League matches on YouTube.

In a rather unprecedented move, Nadeshot has willingly revoked his partnership status on Twitch.

Five years since his groundbreaking return to the platform after streaming on, Nadeshot no longer has a purple tick next to his name.

The reason behind this decision is to allow for CDL co-streams, with the LA Thieves owner broadcasting live on YouTube, as opposed to Twitch.

However, instead of jumping ship, Nadeshot has figured out how to get the best of both worlds; by stepping down to Affiliate level,

he will be able to co-stream CDL games on YouTube while continuing gaming streams on Twitch.

Upon agreeing to partnership terms on Twitch, streamers enter an exclusive agreement with the platform.

As part of the deal, those with purple ticks must remain on Twitch and Twitch alone.

Therefore, up until now, Nadeshot hasn’t been able to engage with the CDL during live broadcasts.

By removing his Partner status, he can safely flip back and forth between Twitch and YouTube.

There will be no repercussions outside of losing Partner benefits like channel customization and a certain chunk of advertising revenue.

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