In this article we are going to inform you that who is Noh Salleh Hujan. And why he is trending on social media.

Noh Salleh Hujan
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Noh Salleh Hujan video twitter Mizz Nina

There’s no such thing as a storm without wind, and the heated debate reportedly erupted as Hujan Noh Salleh frontman struggled with his marriage to Mizz Nina for the past month.

Just recently, several netizens have gone on the website Twitter, claiming that there is a video that matches the habits of the Noh drama.

Whether it is the singer or another person cannot be decided.

READ: Reporters ‘hurt’ over Noh Salleh’s response when asked for funds I am quoting a sharing from a person on the discussion forum Cari who claimed that the singer was cheating on his wife Mizz Nina.

Salleh Hujan full video on Social Media

However, the person said that the decision was wrong as a result of that he forgot to refill his knowledge before resetting the cell phone that day.

However, the person deleted the share on the Twitter website shortly after. However, the true extent of the allegations could not be decided.

At the same time, many do not consider the accusations as a result of the evidence to be incorrect and some believe that someone deliberately made up the story to convey the singer’s Previously,

Noh Salleh criticized the media when he questioned his marriage with Mizz Nina and demanded more focus on his inventive profession rather than his a private story.

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