Odalis Perez Death- odalis Perez Die- reason behind odalis Perez Death.


Hi my friends we came back with a sad information about odalis Perez. A professional baseball player, Odalis Perez has died at the age of 44.He was a 2002 All-Star after he joined the LA Dodgers, three seasons into his career. In this article we are going to describe you about odalis Perez and reason behind his death.

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who is odalis Perez

He was a former Major League Baseball (MLB) player.odalis Perez Died on March 10, 2022 at his home in Santo Domingo.He was born in Las Matas de Farfan.

Odalis Perez career.

He was first ever pitch player in MLB history to win a playoff even instead having gained a regular season game.He won his first regular season game by pitching 5.2 innings .Then he transfers to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He win 27 games during his two year period. At the time of All-Stars he pitched a pair of one-hitter games.The highlight of his career was while he defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium on August 28, 2002.

odalis Perez wife.

Odalis perez married with a professional model and TV presenter Evelina Garcia. Their marriage took place in 2008 but divorced in a short time period. Garcia is rumoured to have divorce because struggling with Perez’s alcohol issues but that’s not confirmed.

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Reason behind odalis Perez Death.

Odalis Perez died at his home in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. March 10, 2022 Perez brother Cristian Perez, found him lying on the patio. when he arrived at the house.It is thought that he slipped down a ladder but reason of perez death is not confirmed.

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