Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey Video Trending on Twitter


Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey video is gaining a lot of attention among online users.The video is spread almost all social media platforms.

A lot of people are interested in the video, and it has quickly emerged as one of the most contentious issues on the internet.

Viewers of online videos are eager to find out more information about the subjects covered in the films.

Paris Harvey, 12, accidentally sh.t and ki.led her cousin Kuaron Harvey, 14, before sho.ting herself on Instagram Live.

The cousins were attending a family birthday party in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, when the incident occurred. They every are minors. They don’t appear to be 18 years above. Nonetheless have the g.n completely loaded into their arms.

The family has described the tragedy as an unusual accident. Their family says It wasn’t mu.der. It wasn’t sui.ide. It was merely an accident.

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