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paris Harvey video and photos went Trending On Social Media like Twitter and Reddit. paris Harvey video Trending on webpage . In this article we are going to inform you that who is paris Harvey? And why she is trending on social media.

paris Harvey
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The video of Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey who died on Twitter, shows a girl shooting and killing her cousin with her.

News is also straightforward online. We see a lot of news coming online. These stories are gaining public attention.

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Two young cousins ​​died after being shot before shooting themselves.

According to police, in what family members called a “rare accident” during a birthday party in the St. Louis apartment. Louis on Friday.

They were live on Instagram around 2am on Friday morning when a teenager was playing with a gun and killed his cousin, which led to his shooting.

Two young cousins ​​who were broadcasting live from an apartment in St. Louis. Louis when one child was shot.

and has killed another before committing suicide and the family says it was a horrible accident. Police are investigating an incident on Friday in which Paris Harvey was a 12-year-old girl who shot and a boy named Kuaron Harvey.

He was a boy before he shot himself. Police initially described it as suicide. Susan Dyson is the girl’s grandmother who told her that St in March was celebrating a birthday.

It was not a war or something like that,” said Dyson, from the Dallas area. “They both played with guns when they shouldn’t, Yes, it was. I think it just went away. it just went down ”.

Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey Death Instagram Live Video The family said the cousins ​​had been together since childhood because kuaron’s mother and Paris’ father were siblings.

Before the shooting, Paris, and Cullen were alone in the bathroom, filming a video on screen. After Cullen was shot, a video was shown of Paris taking a gun.

it is possible to restart it, the family said. two children were shot in the head.

Shinise Harvey, a 35-year-old Parisian mother, said this was not murder or suicide. “It was an accident. it happens.

Harvey said he had not seen the video, but the family explained it to him. she said her cousins ​​were “trying to be fashionable”. Stay tuned for more updates.

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