Patient Shot To Death Inside Hospital in Brazil Video CCTV Footage Twitter Reddit Gilianderson dos Santos Dies.


In this article we discuss about a tragic news of Brazil hospital.In Brazil a very shocking accident is coming in front of the people from Brazil, which surprised almost everyone.

A 37-year-old patient was sh*t to demise early morning of Sunday 25th April 2022 just as he was about to get discharged from the medical centre as he has been healed from the accidents or complications.

The deceased is diagnosed as Gilianderson dos Santos who was sh*t inside the hospital when he was going in the wheelchair.

Image source :Twitter

The entire incident has been recorded by the CCTV camera, the accident started and the offender sh*t and kil*d the man, there was a sudden panic, as if everyone was saving their lives.

The hospital management team made a call to the police and make them familiarized with everything, and they rushed to detain those defaulters ble*ding.

The incident took place in Hospital Santo on the coast of Brazil’s Sao Paulo.: the hospital management team has unleashed the statement through which they said that “Gilianderson” was admitted to Santo Amaro Hospital last Friday along with those lethal gunsh*t wounds which became the cause of heavy .

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