Pearl Thusi of Queen Sono Went From Pageant Queen to Spy Thriller Star


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Pearl Thusi
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Queen Sono hit Netflix on February 28 and follows the missions of a highly trained South African spy. Queen Sono,

played by stunning South African actress Pearl Thusi, 31, rocks ball gowns as effortlessly as she manipulates people for state secrets.

From gadgets to villains, this six-part series has the same elements of a typical spy drama. But there’s a twist: Queen Sono takes place entirely on the African continent.

Spanning several major African cities and featuring multiple dialects, Queen Sono is rooted in refreshing cultural specificity.

In the series, in addition to Russian, French and English, viewers will hear spoken languages ​​Xhosa, Afrikaans, Zulu and Sepitori.

Pearl Thusi of Queen Sono Went From Pageant Queen

Because we have control over the narrative, we can show that [poverty] is not the only thing going on in Africa.

This is us. We don’t all look the same. As South Africans, we’re going to give it a go with this series. And the rest of the world will see,” Theni told Essence about Queen Sono.

Queen Sono is the crown jewel of Netflix’s recent efforts to create more content by and star African creators. “

We believe Queen Sono will kick the door open for more amazing stories from this part of the world,” said Kagiso Lediga, creator and director of Quartz Africa. Here’s what you need to know about his “Real Black” star. Pearl.”

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