Popular YouTuber Jaclyn Hill reveals her “Humiliating” meeting with Amber Heard on Tiktok


Today a news about a famous YouTuber Jaclyn hill and her meeting with actor Amber .

A famous Youtuber Jaclyn Hill is once again in the headlines and creating buzzes on social media and the internet.

Now this time Jaclyn hill is in the news for Kate’s video that she uploaded on Tiktok. In one of her latest TikTok videos, Jaclyn Hill revealed her “Humiliating” experience with popular Hollywood actress Amber heard.

Image source: Twitter

Hill didn’t stop here and further continued and stated that it was one of the worst days of her life when she met Hollywood star, Amber Heard.

As soon as this video was uploaded on Tiktok it go viral on each social media platform.This viral video of Jaclyn Hill just came out at the moment when actress Amber Heard is in the headlines because of her ongoing court case with her ex-husband Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp.

Jaclyn has more than 15 million followers on her social media platforms. So if a harsh and controversial statement like this comes from a celebrity’s side then it creates a huge controversy.

Amber is already going through a lot of image tarnishing currently because of her on going court case with her ex-husband Johnny Depp and now videos like these and that too from popular celebrities and social media stars are like the cherry on top for all those negative stories about her which are already floating all over the social media and internet.

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