Resident Evil 4 Remake Release Date Announced at Sony’s State of Play Event


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Resident Evil 4
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The long-awaited remake of acclaimed zombie adventure Resident Evil 4 was the highlight of Sony’s State of Play online showcase on Thursday evening.

I had a farm in real life, so why can’t I get my head round these grow-your-own video games?The 2005 original marked a radical change in direction for the Resident Evil series, with a new focus on action and a refreshed ‘behind-the-shoulder’ camera view to replace the creaking third-person visuals.

A story posted on Sony’s blog following the half-hour long event, promised that the remake would preserve the essence of the game while “re-imagining” the story,

modernising the visuals and updating the controls. The teaser for the game also promised virtual reality content for the PlayStation VR headset.

A release date of 24 March 2023, was given.New trailers were also shown for Final Fantasy 16, the latest title in the role-playing series from Square Enix and Street Fighter 6,

which features several of the classic fighters and an extraordinary new visual style matching realistic animation with spectacularly explosive paint splatter effects.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Release

Both are due next year.Prepare to revisit a classic with Stranger! Capcom has finally revealed Resident Evil 4 Remake, a from-the-ground-up recreation of the 2005 blockbuster, following months of rumors and leaks.

The release date for the future game has been confirmed for March 24, 2023, along with the brand-new trailer.

The announcement was made at Sony’s State of Play conference, and it detailed what players may anticipate from the remake.

The new teaser provides players their first look at the impending remake, including much of what fans remember from the original title, which has become one of the most influential games of all time in the years following its release.

The trailer featured several of the original game’s protagonists, such as Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley Graham, as well as many of the game’s classic locations,

such as the famed village that many players battled their way through in the first game. After being published for Oculus in October 2021, the game will be compatible with the PlayStation VR2, joining the original game in VR.

Returning to Leon S. Kennedy’s footsteps, this time as a far more experienced survivor than we saw in Resident Evil 2.

The plot follows Leon as he infiltrates a Spanish village in search of Ashley, the President’s daughter who has been kidnapped previously.

During his travels, he discovers that the town has been taken over by a violent cult and that the residents have been afflicted with Las Plagas.

Leon meets a diverse cast of characters, including allies, rivals, and returning faces with their own agendas, as well as a variety of hideous beasts.

The first hint of a Resident Evil 4 remake came in the form of a data breach from Capcom in 2020, yet the company has kept silent about the project’s existence until now.

This news follows Capcom’s recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake, both of which were released in 2019.

Unlike previous remakes, which changed the fixed camera angle to the classic over-the-shoulder third-person perspective established in the original Resident Evil 4,

this remake will keep the fixed camera angle. This is also a sequel to Resident Evil 8, released last year, which continued the first-person perspective introduced in Resident Evil 7.

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