Ronnie McNutt facebook live video – Ronnie McNutt live video clip


A US vet named Ronnie McNutt shot himself on Facebook live just before the cops arrived. He was suffering with PTSD, family issues and rejection.

Ronnie McNutt  facebook live video
Image source: Twitter

As per some social media reports, Ronnie McNutt who was a 33-year-old man who had shot himself while going live on Facebook.This incident took place in August last year when Ronnie ended his life in front of his computer or laptop.The live video of Ronnie McNutt had gone viral on the various platforms and had stunned everyone to the core.

Although this is a old clip that is again become topic of discussion by Netizens. At that time, people who were close to the Ronnie McNutt sending condolences to his family and friends.

Ever since the news gone viral on social media, it got the attention of the people. Many people are searching for Ronnie McNutt’s live video, let us inform you that the video has been deleted for all social media platforms due to restrictions.

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