Saudi Arabia TV Mocks Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Makes Fun of US Administration


In this article we are going to explain about Saudi Arabia TV Mocks Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Makes Fun of US Administration.

A recent piece aired on the Saudi television show, Studio 22, caught everyone’s attention as they portrayed the two American leaders in the backdrop of the recent Russia- conflict.

Biden and Kamala Harris
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We’re going to talk about the crisis in Africa,” the fake Biden says. The actor playing Harris corrects him all yet again, bringing him decrease again on course to talk approximately Russia.

The actor playing Biden has a difficult time remembering the call of Russian President Vladimir Putin.“As the president wraps up the information conference, he says: “thanks very a good deal.

The dominion and its allies inside the location have rebuffed Biden’s pleas to enhance oil production as energy expenses.

At this point, Biden falls asleep, prompting Harris to wake him up. Biden then resumes speaking, referencing “the president of China,” only for Harris to point out that he had not yet addressed Russia.

The skit broadcast by the Saudi government-owned television network could also be interpreted as a sign of Riyadh’s cold view of the Biden administration.

  It ends with Kamala Harrison holding up a sleeping Joe Biden and demanding that the audience ‘clap for your president right now.


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