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vanessa william scandal is focused on social media. She is Actress, model, singer, and designer Vanessa Williams is a first-time grandmother and she’s elated about it. Last week, she welcomed her daughter, LION BABE singer Jillian Hervey, to motherhood in an affectionate Instagram post. She is first American lady who won title of miss America but some controversy she lose title.

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Williams became the first African American recipient of the Miss America title while she become crowned Miss America 1984 in September 1983. Several weeks before the end of her reign however, a scandal arose while Penthouse magazine bought and published unauthorized nude photographs of her.

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Vanessa Williams married her first husband, Ramon Hervey II, in 1987. This photo became taken on their wedding day. Hervey became her manager while she launched her career as a recording artist in 1988, and then later when she starred on Broadway.

The couple married each other twice. Vanessa and Jim were first married on July 4, 2015, but decided to tie the knot once again in a Catholic ceremony at her church home on May 30, 2016. She shared with People, “Jim is a real man. You want somebody in your life who has integrity, who’s solid, who knows who he is.Feb 18, 2022

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