Shaka Khoza famous Video #shorts- SK Khoza responds to distressing viral videos


Disturbing movies of SK Khoza’s distressing behavior and attitude circulating on social media on Monday and the movie star has already spoken about his habits. The defunct The Queen Mzansi Magic participant can be seen in a small handful of movies wearing the same reddish hoodie and grey shorts, trying to have in altercations with numerous persons while appearing to be under affect. One of the recordings used to be gunned down at a fuel carport where Khoza was really being held in check, glancing upset and combative, shrieking in isiZulu, “Come here … come here little boy” whilst chorus in the back story can really be got to hear lol’ ing at his theatrics.

Image source twitter.

There is a sparse crowd of people monitoring on, whilst a female is pranking him on to tussle this unknown individual. Marching on, Khoza is ceased by protection. It is hard to know how the quarrel initiated as well as what bolstered it on. In another youtube clip, which does seem to be have been gunned down pretty early that day, the entertainer is got to hear mispronouncing his speech and hollering epithets at a fella outside a guest house organization. Side short video of an apparent also are posted to the internet.

The public response from Twitter visitors is already splitted, with just some people visiting the short video as an implosion and a probable plea for help, adding the short video were still not witty. There also are assertions being gone by columnists that Khoza gave the impression to be under the influence of the drug. Speaking toTimesLIVE, Khoza said the video content enough that wrongly interpreted, as he had been replying to him being treated terribly and he managed to lose it. He says: “ his Instagram comment was written on aim.

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