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Shylynn Dixon used to be 16 years old when she tried to send nude pics of herself to she met on a dating site. For the next 2 decades, the preteen seemed to be verbally abused and tricked by three guys in Pakistan until she took her own life on March 3,2021 at her parent’s house in Lisbon in St. Edward County. She has been 18.

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After an one year investigation, three guys in Pakistan have been prosecuted for their involvement in the two-year extortion arrangement that bring about her death, New York State Police officially confirmed Friday.

When Shylynn took her life that year, Maneri admitted to police she did find a handwritten letter from her speaking she “made a mistake, and she was sorry but couldn’t do it anymore.”

An research revealed that the fraudsters challenged to tweet nude pictures of her and those and uploaded the posts on social news websites, county police stated “. Before her death, Shylynn was a glad kid who loved farming, causing mischief and climbing mountains, Maneri stated “. “Shylynn was full of life,” she told reporters. “Anyone who looked at her would never think she was sad whatsoever, and that was the biggest shock and what hurt the most when it happened. It was one of those things where we all looked at each other and go, ‘No not her.'”

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State officers did not publish some other information about the men or just what especially they absolutely brilliant levied with.

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