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Lil Baby presumably brought through with a msg for Slim Danger, the aunt of Chief Keef’s descendant Zinc, after the innovator alleged that she had spent so long close with the Atlanta-based emcee.

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This days, a movie of Slim Danger stating that she had gender with Lil Baby started picking up attraction. The TikTok article reads, “When Lil baby ask why does everybody think we f * cked?” before the playback utters, suggesting, ” ‘Cause we did.”

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Clearly, Slim Danger is attempting to start some unconfirmed reports with all of this thread, — particularly with the rap star also being a straight individual pursuing his relationship breakdown with Jayda Cheaves. But Baby isn’t getting all this. He appeared to reply to Chief Keef’s son’s aunt by stating that individuals love to generate narratives about him.

While he doesn’t somehow directly address Slim Danger by name, there’s a good sliver of hope he’s referring to her recordings, evaluating how recent times they got so much attention. To make things worst when, Slim took a trip on to write an actual video to handle the comments pretending she’s sleeping, sharing a snapshot of Jayda Cheaves, Baby’s ex-girlfriend, purportedly monitoring her storylines on Instagram. “This is Jayda in my views,” she stated “. “

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Me and her spoke to each other, we are cool.” Lil Baby isn’t the only individual that Slim alleges to just have gotten affectionate with. She originally charged Tristan Thompson and Lil Durk of reimbursing her to do an unintended pregnancy. She both spent several years with 6ix9ine a few decades previously during the period he has been clashing with Chief Keef, stating to just have slept together the rainbow-haired hip hop artist very.

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