South Korean stars Hyun Bin and son ye Jin married


Everyone knows about very popular South Korean stars “Hyun Bin” and “son ye Jin”.They became famous from hitting Korean dramas. The name is “Ja Landing On You”.These stars are trending on social media because they get married and their wedding photos are spread and social media.Their fans are curious to know about their wedding ceremony.In this article we are going to explain about South Korean star wedding.

Hyun Bin and son ye Jin married
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Hyun Bin is very famous actor he is 39 year old and also son ye Jin is popular actress. She is 40 year old. They met in 2018 and worked tegether in Negotiation and hit drama” Crash Landing on You “. They declared their relationship in January 2021 and in announced that they will be married in February 2021

Hyun Bin and son ye Jin married
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On March 31, 2022 Thursday their private wedding photo are circulated on social media in which Son Ye and Hyun can be seen posing in stunning wedding attires in front of a beautiful floral wall.

Their fans are very happy after seeing these photos and give them best wishes and different gift for newly wed couple.

Their ddifferent Co star that worked with them were present their wedding ceremony Jang Dong-gun gave them congratulations speech different singer done their best like Gummy, Kim Bum-soo, and Paul Kim in wedding ceremony. Other star are Ha Ji-won, Hwang Jung-min, Han Jae-seok, and Gong Yoo

May they always stay happy

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