Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara Bare.


AEW actors Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara chosen to leave anything to the fiction when they published a house camera of themselves with the TNT Title!


The relationship between Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti has been a continuous matchup of grappling talk over the previous few years, with the AEW big names finalising they were still together romantically in a comment made on New Year’s Day.

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Sammy Guevara managed to lose his TNT Championship to Scorpio Sky on the March 9th segment of AEW Dynamite. After Guevara decided to take a pretty intense wobble through a board, Conti did run to center court to examine on her brother, who asserted that he was prepared to sustain. As Guevara transformed in an exhibit of remarkable courage and bravery in the ring, a dormers used to be emerging beyond it. Conti who prolonged to clap on her person, multiple times collided with Paige VanZant who has been decided to sit on front sequence.

As the theater worked to expand, VanZant leaped the concrete divider and threatened Tay Conti flinging her into the rebar walks. This disturbed Guevara kind of long enough yet for Scorpio Sky to struck the TKO and achieve the beat. After the buzzer with both Conti and Guevara left lying in the course of the ring, fmr UFC hero VanZant approved her AEW purchase agreement on pinnacle of the combination.

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On the March 24th installment of AEW Dynamite, Sammy Guevara got on the headphone jack to suggest that along with or without the TNT Championship, he seemed to be going to try to put on a display like no one else. Hwa Conti incorporated that they wished repayment and termed around Paige VanZant, which brought through American Top Team to handle the handful and suggest how no one on his team had little interest in making a game with Guevara or Conti.

“We won’t stay at the top of the combat sports mountain looking backwards at the bodies we’ve buried, so unless you guys have any interest in giving them what they’re asking for… [Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky laugh] Well I guess that answers that question. You guys can kiss that match goodbye.”

With that, Dan Lambert cuddled the TNT Championship, much to everyone’s pastime of Guevara and Conti. Guevara came back on the baby monitor and pointed to the fact that he and his bf would have vaginal intercourse while wearing the buckle that Lambert had only cuddled.

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