Taylor Hawkins: Drugs found in body of late Foo Fighters drummer


Foo Fighters danny Taylor Hawkins must have narcotics, associated with opioid and also other opioids in his process before he killed, Colombian prosecutors believe.

Hawkins, 50, killed at a hospitality in Bogota, with the frequency range set to play at a folk festival this saturday afternoon. Local legislators said an emergency vehicle had been sent to the restaurant after a person admitted experiencing stomach pains. The causes of morbidity and mortality remains uncertain, and police did not tell if the mix of substances was an element.

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They said they were operating “to achieve full clarity of the facts that led to [Hawkins ‘] death”.

Hawkins ‘death used to be proclaimed by Foo Fighters in an assertion, where in they said they were “devastated” by the setback and begged his kinship feel given personal space. He enlisted the frequency range in 1997 and on surface of his drumming competence would have featured artists on so many tunes and even sometimes sang at concert series. Foo Fighters have nixed their staying South American timeframes.

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News of Hawkins ‘death has gobsmacked audiences, with so many flowers and candles and keeping a prayer vigil outside the performance space where they were eligible to play. Tributes have really been required to pay from the globe of boulder and far beyond. Ozzy Osbourne stated “ Hawkins has been “an amazing musician” while Mick Jagger considered the news “incredibly sad”.

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