Telly Kemos Death:Longtime City of Milwaukee Police Detective,Telly Kemos dies following battle with cancer|Obituary News


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Telly Kemos Death – Cause of Death: Longtime City of Milwaukee Police Detective, Telly Kemos Kicks the bucket pursuing bout with cancer | Obituary News. Telly was such an 18 year longtime of the City of Milwaukee Police Department where he collaborated As a detective. According to an web obituary, Telly Kemos Died suddenly following a long and incredibly brave Cancer battle on Monday, March 21,2022. He Used to be 55 years old.

Words fall well short of conveying our anguish for your Destruction, as we feel sorrow with families / friends for all this Big loss. Pleeeeeeease understand our commiserations but may Our thoughts and wishes support contentment you. Pleeeeeeease earn our Heartfelt sympathies. Telly was an ardent fan trawler — especially in Escanaba and on the Rock River, his diary learn. Feel free to throw sincere sympathy emails and Prayer sessions for the friends and family of the died Since it will go a very still far at something like this tough situation of Theirs.

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