The Players Trunk on Shark Tank Video.Players Trunk on Shark Tank trending vedio and photos


Players Trunk video and photos went Trending On Social Media like Twitter and Reddit. Players Trunk video Trending on webpage . In this article we are going to inform you that who is Players Trunk? And why they are trending on social media.

Players Trunk on Shark Tank
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The Players Trunk is designed to help current and past college athletes cash in on their fame. It’s a website where they can sell off their gear collectibles and merchandise

On Season 13 of Shark Tank four former college students from Chicago Illinois Charles Matthews Hunter Austin and Jason Lansing pitch their online marketplace The Players Trunk.

All four entrepreneurs are graduates of the University of Michigan with the exception of one of the brothers who went to Syracuse. Big sports schools both.

On The Players Trunk Instagram profile, it says the company is endorsed by NBA legend Dwyane Wade, who skipped his senior year at Marquette to enter the Draft.

Although Wade didn’t graduate, Marquette retired his jersey Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8 pm on ABC right before 20/20 at 9 pm

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