TikTok Wedding Proposal in McDonalds Viral Video Trending on Twitter Reddit


In this article we discuss about a new famous story trending on a TikTok is about a proposal of a man in a famous restaurant.

One of the famous video-sharing platforms improved the engagement of its users with an all-new video. The video is getting shared by the users rapidly, the whole footage has been recorded in a well-known restaurant.

Image source :Twitter

The video has fetched enormous views that are increasing with each passing minute.As far as the complete video has been involved a man and his partner uploaded the video on Twitter and just after a while it started gaining zillions of views. From Twitter, it started circulating on the popular video-sharing platform.

It is even shared on other platforms but it prominently surfacing on Tik Tok. The 45 seconds long video clip has gained 3.6 million views so far.

The video is showing a man bending on his knees proposing to his partner while she was standing in a queue. Well, the man decided to express his feeling in quite an ungainly place.In addition to this, the man was bending on his knees and being recorded by the crowd.

But it seems that the partner of the man doesn’t seem in the mood to accept the proposal and she might also find it awkward that she has been recorded by numerous people. She refused the proposal of the man and left the place.

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