Tom Dudchik Cause of Death? Police ID 3 People Found After Crash in Branford Footage Video?


The horrible car accident on Thursday in Branford, which killed about three people, has once more become a topic of discussion among the people since the police unleashed in addition information about the crash.

Image source: Twitter

The incident took place on Thursday. 28th April 2022 in Branford. It is being told that the incident was frightening to such an extent that we cannot even tell you because some statements have come out recently. Which are speaking out about the intensity of the incident, that how worst it was which became the cause of three sudden demises.

Therefore, still, the police are investigating the case because whenever something like this happens, these incidents bring many unresolved facts as well officials identified the three dead as 17-year-old Megan Nicole Poviliaitis, 19-year-old Anthony Sudchik, and 22-year-old Robert Dudchik.

Who went for hanging out with their friends but no one knows that their demise was waiting for them, and therefore, as soon as they enhanced the speed of their car, spontaneously some other vehicle collided with theirs and led to their unexpected passing.

Anthony and Robert are the son of Tom Duchik of News 8 Capitol Reports, still, a few pieces of information are pending to be unveiled as the sources are looking forward to grabbing.

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