Toronto mom Kelly homilton died-causes of death


From some Fact and figure in last month number of road crashes are increasing. Today we are present with the shocking news that is related with car accidents. Sadly we convey a very shocking news to you that a fashion industry star Kelly Hamilton, a Toronto resident. This news shaken her fans. In this article we are going to explain you who is Kelly Hamilton and what are the reason of her death.

Kelly Hamilton died
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Kelly Hamilton is 43 year old very beautiful lady. She is well known fashion industry star. In the car accident total three persons are died in which one of Kelly Hamilton,. After a lot of searches it came to know that Mrs. Hamilton turned into crossing the street to go to her sister’s house while she was struck and killed via a automobile. The Toronto Police department later showed that a 36-12 months-vintage man became riding the auto and when it changed into investigated so it came to know that his license become suspended due to medical headaches.

Kelly himlton death
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In this accident a 75 year old man along with Kelly himltaon that is died

There aare a lot of searches on social media about Kelly Hamilton death and her reason of death. The purpose of the investigation is that they know about Kelly Hamilton and her death reasons so in the car there were three persons in which one of Kelly Hamilton

May they rest in peace


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