Trending Video Safet Gjici Gruaja and Secretary trending on Twitter


Safet Gjici Familja have been searched on the internet after the businessman’s int.ate video went trending online. The video is circulating everywhere on social media platforms.

The trending video of Gjici has taken over TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, and Facebook by storm.Everyone are eagrly wanted to know about the trending video.

In this section of our article, we will address the issue of the trending video, a video that has rocked social networks.Keep reading article completely.

Who is Safet Gjici ?

Safet Gjici is an Albanian businessman who is the CEO of Euro Gjici Security and Kevin Construction. In addition, he is the president of the Albanian Superliga football club FK Kukësi.

In addition to being a businessman, Gjici is involved in politics, and most recently he was mayor of Kukës. He assumed the position after winning the 2019 mayoral election.

Safet Gjici one of video is now trending on social media.There are a lot of search related to the trending video of Safet Gjici.

In the trending video of Safet Gjici we can see that Safet Gjici make an content with a woman in a office.As soon as the video is uploaded many reactions are came to seen.

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