Tricia Robredo Scandal Viral Leaked Video Tape Twitter Reddit Phillipino Vice President’s Daughter


In this era of social media and the internet every day, we wake up with some controversies or scandals or viral videos of popular celebrities and public figures.

In this article we also discuss about a new viral scandal about the daughter of Vice president named Tricia Robredo.

Image source :Twitter

The New famous figure who is topping this chart is none other than Tricia Robredo. Tricia Robredo is the daughter of the Vice President of the Philippines.

Now a days, Tricia is in the headlines and developing a lot of buzzes all over the net and social media.The reason at the back of her being in limelight is a video of her that is hugely viral on social media.

The viral video of Tricia is a scandalous video and an intercourse scene is visible in that video. The video is an entire lot of a scandal and Tricia comes from such a prestigious family, videos like these are tarnishing the popularity of her family.

Tricia and her sister have completely denied about this video and called it a morphed and fake video. Roberdo sisters have confirmed that this video is not real and is fake . Tricia has also demanded an investigation from NBA.

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