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Paul Collingwood
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Twitter reacts as England Paul Collingwood

England head coach Chris Silverwood stepping down recently and the West Indies tour on the horizon,

the England Cricket Board (ECB) has appointed Paul Collingwood as the team’s interim head coach for the Caribbean tour.

ECB as Interim Director of Cricket after the Ashes debacle and made all cricketing decisions related to player selection, captaincy and coaching.

One of the key decisions Strauss has already made is Joe Root’s captaincy. . Root made it clear after the Ashes that he wanted to continue as England captain, but there was speculation the ECB could sack him.

However, after taking over as director of cricket, Strauss made it clear that Root would continue as England’s Test captain for the time being.

Paul Collingwood as interim head coach for tour

It remains to be seen whether Strauss will stay on as England’s director of cricket for the long term or just put new support staff in place and then leave,

but right now it is understood that outgoing Australia coach Justin Langer could be one of the contenders for the England head coach job.

Paul Collingwood, although he has temporarily taken charge of the foundation for the England tour, is not a strong contender for the permanent England job.

The reason he was given temporary charge is that the West Indies tour was not far away and it was not possible for the ECB to get a permanent coach during that time.

With Collingwood now there in an interim capacity, he could be the one. of the few candidates Strauss is interviewing before a final head coaching decision is made.

Strauss is also believed to be interested in the idea of ​​having separate coaches for red and white ball setups.

If they do decide to implement this idea, then it is possible that they will assign Justin Langer or Gary Kirsten to handle the Test match. team and Collingwood,

along with several others, are in contention for the job of specialist white-ball coach. Everything is up in the air for now and will be clearer in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Twitter reacted when Collingwood was named England’s head coach for the West Indies tour.

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