Tyler Healey Waltham Arrested: Why Was Tyler Healey Waltham arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained


Through this article we discuss about a new story of a Massachusetts man suspected of attempting to kidnap a woman in the town of Burlington now is in custody.

A 23-years-old boy named Tyler Healey was detained in Winthrop on Tuesday (10th May 2022). Healey was brought to the Burlington Police Department at around 06:05 PM.

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Healey is charged with assault with intent to r*pe, attempt to commit a crime, assault with intent to commit a felony and indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or older.

Sunday from a person who said they were driving home from work when they saw a woman being dragged away by a man, later identified as Healey, on Middlesex Turnpike near Great Meadow Road.

The woman was able to get away, and police located her upon arrival moments later, officials said.

Investigators said that during the assault, Healey grabbed the woman, touched her indecently and dragged her. The woman’s shirt was also removed during the altercation.

Mendoza, a 37-year-old mother, said she thought of her 9-year-old daughter as she was being dragged by Healey and fought back.

Surveillance video from a nearby building shows how the situation unfolded.

The beginning of the video shows Mendoza walking on the sidewalk in the distance, with the suspect, identified by police as Healey, following close behind.

Mendoza crosses the street toward Great Meadow Road and Healey is seen chasing her, eventually catching up to her in the intersection.

Mendoza wrestled with her attacker, trying to defend herself. Healey grabs hold of her and starts to drag her away before a passing vehicle slows down to help. He then lets go of the woman and flees the area.

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