Venus Morris Griffin’s Ex husband – Fraud – arrested Explained


Venus Morris Griffin’s ex husband is arrested due to fraud is trending on social media. People wants to know what is reality behind the news. There are many searches for this news on the internet. In this article we explain to you who is venus morris and what is truth behind the Venus Morris Griffin’s ex husband scandle

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Who is venus morris griffin

Venus is a well-known motivational speaker and she was born inMay 31, 1972, in Waldorf, Maryland, United States, and in 2022 her age is 49 years. She also has a podcast display before her name titled ‘Life Beyond Abuse With Venus Morris Griffin’, and she has en in the field of real property since she was 23 years of age. And she is doing a fantastic job in her expert life as she has effectively locked over 1500 deals for $400 million in sales since her existence in real estate. And because of her illustrious real estate career, it has been assumed that she has made a big fortune for herself in the USA and her popularity due to her motivational lectures added an extra flavor to her success.

Marriage status

Venus met Tripp while studying at the University of South Carolina.At University Tripp was the president of his fraternity and drove a Corvette and was a cheerleader at USC in the late 1980s, the state reported.She also has seven kids from her marriage with Tripp Morris. Their names are Daughters; Alexis Morris, Sydney Morris, Elle Morris, Hannah Lou Griffin. There are 1 to 15 range of ages of her childs.

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What is the venus Morris Griffin scandal

She told that prostitutes were blackmailing Tripp as her husband go to prostitutes and he slept with prostitutes for years and they were extracting our money. That is why she got separated from her

Is Venus Morris Griffin married

Yes when she separated from her husband. She moved on and she got married to Hank Griffin who is a CEO of a company based in Augusta, Georgia.

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