Who is Chrisland School girl? Why Video Of The Chrisland School Girl Dubai trending on social media


In this article we are going to explain you that Videos Chrisland School. A ten-year-old girl from Lagos’ Chrisland School Opebi was focused of attention by people on social media.

the girl was chosen to symbolize Chrisland School in a contest in Dubai on the time of this incident.

Her mother said that her daughter is so young and she never can make difference between right and wrong. But school authorities mishandled all the situation.

She claims the school tried to hide the incident from them until another parent showed her a video of the incident. The mother also said in a interview that school administration said to her daughter to keep quiet.

“A parent called me and said she needed to see me urgently. I went to her house and she told me that Chrisland was trending and she didn’t think I was aware of it. The woman showed me the video and told All my parents know. I immediately notified my husband.

“I begged Nigerians to help me because Chrislan has been trying to hide the problem. They tried to get us out and my daughter’s spirit was affected. As a mother I need help. I am asking other Nigerians to help me.

Chrisland School girl video
Image source:Twitter

Well, this video turns out to be a hot topic on social media that concerns a school that exists in a country and does a bad.

Even so, a lot of people are curious about this information, and looking for his video in order to see.

Here is Full explanation of the incidence on our video.

What Happened at Chrisland School in Dubai

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