Vidor High School Texas Students Racist Video On Social Media.


In this Article we explain in front of you about the viral story of a Vidor High school students.

Vidor High School Texas Students racist Video goes viral on internet.The racist video from Vidor High School goes viral on social media, and the students concerned were only suspended for three days, in line with reports.

Image source :Twitter

video of domineering black oldsters saying the ‘N-word’ was circulated by some Vidor High School students.

The video is currently becoming famous on social media, specifically on Twitter, and people are calling for the students involved in this case to be suspended indefinitely.

The racist video from Vidor High School is presently trending on Twitter. The video is 0:59 seconds long and shows students at the school shouting the N-word.

The video has over 1k views as of this writing, and it has been shared by a number of people who are calling for harsh punishment for those pupils.

Caile also showed a conversation she had with those students, in which they repeatedly stressed her by using the N-word or dominating her community.

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