Vidor High School Texas Students Racist Video On Social Media


In this article we are going to explain about Vidor High School Texas Students Racist,,Video trending On Social Media.

The racist video from Vidor High School is going trending on social media,

the students involved were only for three days,

Vidor High School
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Currently, the video is getting trend on social media, totally on Twitter, and people are demanding the long-term suspension of those school college students who had been involved on this case.

But they’re upset with the varsity as they didn’t give the punishment by them.

Vidor High School’s racist video is presently trending on Twitter. The video dimension is 0:59 seconds which displays the students.

the video has gained over 1k views, and it’s being shared by fairly a number of individuals who discover themselves demanding for these school college students.

High school and district officials said they couldn’t comment on whether the student is still on campus,

but noted that a range of punishments are explored in these situations.

Racism in the hallways of Tigard High isn’t uncommon, said Sorko-Ram, who has been called the N-word in class. 

“What students are reporting are from their personal experience,” Principal Brian Bailey said. “If we are hearing more reports of these situations it could represent speech.

It may also be influenced by our collective and continued work to encourage students to speak out and report these incidents.”

With this increase in students seeking to share their experiences, finding a safe space to do so can be challenging, Sorko-Ram said. 

Some teachers are caring and safe for students to come to in these situations, she said. Others “just aren’t good people.” 

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