Watch This Is Us wobble video – this is us behind the seen


In this article we are going to Watch This Is Us wobble video – this is us behind the seen.

The Pearsons cry, they laugh, they cry some more, they maybe hook up with wedding singers… and they Wobble.

The cast This is us isn’t sprinting to the finish line as much as it’s dancing there.

The hit drama next month, and several of the show’s stars appeared in a video posted Tuesday by Sterling K.

Brown in which they perform the “Wobble” dance while dressed up in the clothes they wore in Tuesday night’s episode, which took place in the

This Is Us wobble video
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“This is amazing,” wrote Melanie Liburd, who appeared on the show as Zoe.

“Pure Heaven!” Debra Messing wrote.

The “This Is Us” cast is no stranger to showing off its fancy footwork. In 2020, the actors performed and the dances, while Brown posted a video of himself doing the  In 2018, Brown also shared a video of himself and Watson taking on Shiggy’s , all of which proves that his co-stars had better ask him to save the last dance for them.

“We’ve taken it very seriously. I wrote the final two episodes. I feel very confident,” he said.

The comic relief is much appreciated after this particular episode, which includes one of the most bittersweet Jack appearances yet. Fortunately, there’s more where that TikTok came from — earlier this year,

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