What is Motor Insurance? Types of motor insurance


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    What is Motor Insurance?

    Car insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides your vehicle with a protective cover against various unexpected damages in return for a premium.

    Types of Car Insurance,

    There are three main types of insurance that are mentioned below.

    1:Third-party Car Insurance,

    This car insurance policy gives you financial protection if your car damages another vehicle or injures a third-party individual in an accident. This type of motor insurance doesn’t cover you or your vehicle against injury or damage.

    2:Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance ,

    A standalone policy gives you coverage against damage or losses to your car from accidents, natural disasters, collisions, fire, theft, etc. So, if you have third-party insurance and you feel that you need to protect your car, too, then you can buy standalone own-damage insurance.

    3:Comprehensive Car Insurance,

    Comprehensive motor insurance protects your car from various damages caused due to riots, vandalism, natural disasters, theft, etc. Though this policy is not mandated by law, comprehensive car insurance benefits can supersede other types of insurance.

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