Who is Andrea Brillantes ? Trending video and photos


Andrea Brillantes video and photos went Trending On Social Media like Twitter and Reddit. Andrea Brillantes video Trending on webpage . In this article we are going to inform you that who is Andrea Brillantes? And why he is trending on social media.

Andrea Brillantes
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Who is Andrea Brillantes

Andrea Brillantes was born on March 12th, 2003 in Rizal, Philippines. She is the daughter of Mabel Gorostiza and Byron Gorostiza. When she was seven years old, Brillantes made her first appearance on TV by playing the role of Andrea Brillantes in the show Goin’ Bulilit-2010.

The same year, she landed another role in NBC production’s drama series called Alyna. This was a Philippine drama series revolving around the story of Alyna who had lost her daughter Sofia Alvaro; a role played by Brillantes

.In 2012, Brillantes featured in a sci-fi drama series called E-Boy. Around this year, she was also a guest star in several TV

Andrea Brillantes career

Andrea Brillantes career turning point came in 2013 after featuring in Annaliza. This was a Philippine family drama series that she acted as Julie Benedicto. She played the lead role in the TV series.

She played the role of a young girl who was being mistreated by her foster parents. Her remarkable performance earned her PMPC Star Award for being the Best Child Performer. The show was aired for three seasons before it came to an end in 2014. Soon after the Annaliza show ended, Brillantes landed another lead role in Hawak Kamay-2014.

This was yet another Philippine drama series which demonstrated the young girl’s skills in the TV industry. Recently in 2015, she featured in Pangako Sa ‘Yo while playing the role of Lia Buenavista.

In posting photos online, famous celebrities have always had to be careful about what they share because of their status. Since they are public figures, the public will always have something to say and comment about their makeup, the dress they wear, and especially, the people they are with in the frame.

And just recently, a groufie of Kapamilya stars Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, and Darren Espanto.Kyle has “” posted the photo on his Instagram story where it appears that the three of them are lying on the same bed with Kyle in the middle wearing nothing on top of him. The three of them has these “sleepy eyes” which made people assume they were drinking what that photo was taken.

Many people online reacted to this and many have also screen captured the post which was deleted shortly after it has been accidentally uploaded. Several have different interpretations of the photo because of their state and being in bed.

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