Who Is (Daisy Drew) Itsmedaisydrew Trending Video & Pics On Twitter and Reddit


In this article we discuss about a new trending story about Daisy Drew who’s pics and video trending on Twitter and Reddit.

‘Itsmedaisydrew’ driving social media consumers crazy with her videos and pictures circulating all over the Internet.

Image source :Twitter

The social media personality has fetched huge attention lately and netizens are rushing to watch her video on social media platforms. As per the reports, the handler of the accounted expected named Daisy is also associated with the popular video streaming site.

It is being assumed that her video went viral from her OnlyF account and streamed on Twitter and Reddit. Get more information on who is ‘itsmedaisydrew’s trending video.

All of her pictures and videos are getting shared by users rapidly making her one of the Internet sensations lately. Her trending videos just turned the flow of the attention toward herself. Her clips are making her fans go bananas. As of now, she has become one of the prominent topics for discussion among the netizens and it is also enhancing her curiosity among other users to check her profile.

Her video is surfacing on some significant social media platforms including Twitter, Reddit, and even YouTube. She also gained immense popularity on Instagram as well and fetched 50k followers along with 141 posts on her account.

Daisy Drew is a student and wants to become a doctor however, she was facing some financial issues with study expenses. Now, she is generating well enough money to pay her tuition fees and other necessary expenses.She is currently pursuing a study in science and thought analysis at Florida International University, Miami. However, after getting Celebrity .

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