Who Is Demetrius Carl Davis? California Man Pretended to be 11 Years Old Girl Online to Groom Kids


An immensely stressful case come to the eye that stunned the whole world.

The case was reported in Huston, Texas when a man alleged grooming charges. As and when the case grabbed the attention of law enforcement they started a brief research and detectives claimed that around 80 sufferers has been discovered in the area.

Image source: Twitter

The investigation team then take some serious action towards the serial child rapist. The team then captured the heinous person out of California in Houston.

According to the latest reports issued by some of the critical information sources that man pretends to be an 11-year-old girl while interacting with other children online and then groom children by making pornography.

The data has been released by police authorities. After enquiry the whole case the police officer took down the accused who was later recognized as Demetrius Carl Davis.

The offender was 24 years old at the time of his arrest. He had been arrested in December. the investigation team has discovered around 80 sufferers across the country and collecting evidence against Davis.

Police further released a statement that claims at the least 20 children is yet to be identified. He preys on children not only in the country but around the globe.

As authorities said that there will be more victims and urged the parents and the guardian of the children to keep an eye on their children’s activity while he was using the Internet or doing anything on Social Media.

Now its became a necessary for the safety and security for our children.

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