Who Is Donnis Chiarella And What Happened To Her Bahamas Resort? A survivor among Mysterious Demise


Through this article we discuss about a new mystery story of a Donnis Chiarella husband passed away.

Vincent Chiarella, 64, a retiree who was living Panama City, Florida, but was originally from Alabama, passed away Friday morning at Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma while on vacation with his wife Donnis, 64.

Image source: Twitter

A Florida man and his wife have been pictured celebrating their anniversary at a luxury Sandals resort here just days before he passed away and she became seriously ill.

Donnis is a Panama City, Florida native originally from Alabama who has arrived at a luxury Sandals resort in the Bahamas for their marriage anniversary with her husband.

But unfortunately, Donnis lost her husband.The day before her husband passed away as she went for a medical check and had medicine from the clinic.

It is said that he was one of three Americans who passed away at the resort and there is speculation their passed away were caused by faulty air conditioning.

Hotel staff found Vincent’s body shortly after 9 am Friday in his villa and called the police.

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