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In tthese days many relationships are made and many are broken. sometimes there are some yps and down between couple and they take some time and rumour about that couple is circulating. Today Jessica Biel is on trending and different rumors about her are circulating. In this article we are going to explain who is Jessica Biel husband how they met, how along they retain their relationship and is they are still married

Is Jessica Biel Married
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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake first met in 2007 they started dating very soon. On secretly became in relationship but they wanted to keep it hide when they caught doing some activities and newspapers published that photo then they disclose their relationship . In 2010 different rumours are spread about their relationship but giving interviews to vogue she break up silence she said, “I don’t feel the need to clear anything up. It’s the most precious thing that I have in my life, and I care about it so much that I don’t care about what anyone says or thinks. I have just not addressed it in any real way, and I’m not going to. It’s mine. And I really like that about it.”

In March 2011 they break their relationship and said “mutually have decided to part ways.” The statement added, “The two remain friends and continue to hold the highest level of love and respect for each other.” In June 2011 came together back.

They rapidly went most high-profile relationships in Hollywood. After four years long relationship they decided to become engaged so In December 2011, a few months after a short split, the couple got engaged while on vacation in Montana. Justin proposed Jessica very decent way they exchanged different romantic sentences.

After one year of their engagement in October 2012 they took decisions to be married and their marriage ceremony was taken in romantic Italian ceremony.which Jessica called “a total fantasy experience.

In January 2015, Justin announced they were expecting their first child. A few months later, in April, People reported that they had welcomed their first child, a son named Silas Randall Timberlake.

Seven years into their marriage, the couple was rocked by cheating rumors. A newspaper published photo of Justin holding hands with his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright during a night out in New Orleans. A few weeks later, Justin issued a public apology for the photos with Alisha in an Instagram post. A source told People that Jessica was standing up for Justin throughout the scandal and was not going to break up their family because of it.

In July 2020 the couple had welcomed their second child, a son named Phineas. Couple kept second pregnancy secrets.

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