Who is Kerri Okie? Meet TikTok Mom, Aged 30’s, Family, Wikipedia and Biography .


Today through this Article we discuss about an interesting news about Kerri Okie . Kerri Okie is known for TikTok mom.

Image source: Twitter.

The TikTok-famous mum from Oklahoma City uploads hilarious videos of her daily life, which she films with her daughter. Her hilarious skits often go viral, with 10 million views.

Kerri Okie is available on Tiktok and instagram She has 2.8m followers on tiktok and 75.7K+ followers on instagram.

Kerri Okie seems to be among the ages of 25 and 30, based on her photos. Similarly, Kerri’s mother appears to be between the ages of 50 and 55. However, neither the mother nor the daughter has found out their real ages.

She holds an American Nationality.The net worth of Kerri Okie is not revealed in the media yet.

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