Who is Ksbg Paris? Ksbg Paris leaked video on Twitter and Reddit


Death is very shocking news for everyone but when we hear that die is very young then our grief is more increased. Today the news is circulating on social media is about death of very girl whose name is Ksbg Paris. Her video is spread rapidly on social media. People are very shocked and searching the reason of death and search the video that made her on trending without waste of your time we gonna give you detail about who is Ksbg Paris and give you link of that video

Ksbg Paris viral videos
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Who is Ksbg Paris

In the Louis birthday a 14 year old girl accidentally shot her 12 year old consin but this incident is live streaming on Instagram then a girl who shot her cousin suicide. As children has many issues arise in their mind the 14 year girl who attempt suicide after accidentally shot her cousin name is Ksbg Paris. Both girls parents are in very shocked situation

Ksbg Paris viral videos
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When the incident occurred

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the taking pictures happened early Friday morning as the 2 kids, Paris Harvey, 12, and Kuaron Harvey, 14, had been at a household birthday festivity in midtown St. Louis. After this different video and photo are viral on Instagram. Watch video

Video source YouTube

Paris mother is in deep shocked and she do not give any idea regarding the murdered. We should keep privacy and understand their condition

May she rest in peace

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