Who is Logan Robertson? Why is He Arrested Check Charges & Reports


Through this article we discuss about a new hot story of a Logan Robertson and his girlfriend viral on a social media.

Logan Robertson is an 18-year-old teenager, from Brunswick. He is making headlines on social media after he got arrested on Tuesday after he revealed that he has kill*d her girlfriend.

Image source: Twitter

This news got viral on social media in just no time and since then this name started buzzing on social media and the internet.

According to the reports Logan’s girlfriend was 18 years old too at the time she passed away. Logan sh*t her girlfriend to de*t. When police officials got a report about a gunsh*t and murd*r, they rushed to the crime scene and found the body of the victim girl, and in no time officials arrested Logan Robertson.

In no time Logan was taken into custody and was rushed to the Medina county jail. Logan has brunette curly hair. He’s just an 18 years old teenager, but the crime he has committed is worse and pathetic in all the terms.

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